R.P. Edgington Enterprises


Our Philosophy...

We focus on excellence and integrity at every stage of the process to fulfill our clients’ needs and ensure an enduring product.

Our Vision...

To bring together the cumulative knowledge and experience of our staff, installers, and customers as we evolve, and use it to continue providing our clients with the highest possible quality products and professional service.

Our Story

Floorco founder, Reno Edgington, was born and raised in Escondido, CA, where he grew up in the floor covering industry.  Reno’s father, a Union-trained flooring installer, brought him and his brother, Paul, into the trade at an early age. 

“My dad started taking me out on jobs when I was five.  I was picking up scraps and threading carpet needles.  In those days, installers sewed all the carpet seams together.”  

At 19, he joined the Painters and Allied Trades Union in San Diego, and served a three-year apprenticeship.  It soon became clear that he wanted to start his own company, but decided to work in the field first to learn more about the process and different materials.

While serving this apprenticeship he also created accounts for night and weekend work so he could transition away from the union and start his own business.  

From a truck and a phone book…

Through a turn of events, mostly related to the passing of their father, Reno and Paul arrived in Phoenix in 1985 with a truck and phone book to start some work-related projects.

In 1989, Floorco became incorporated as a full service furnish and installation company.  “I started the company because I felt I could do a better job with the knowledge I’d gained working in the field over the course of 20 years.”  Reno patterned Floorco after the union shops in San Diego to incorporate the installer base as an integral part of the company, offering full support from the labor perspective to ensure a quality finished product.

Paul has worked in various aspects of the company including installation, scheduling, and currently in estimating. Floorco has extended its family oriented focus to hiring practices as well. Both of Reno’s daughters work in the office processing jobs and in the field with clients. Members of the office staff and several of our installation crews are made up of family teams.

At Floorco, we incorporate the experience and expertise of our staff, installers, and customers.  Our vision is to bring together our cumulative knowledge and experience, add to it as we evolve, and use it to continue providing our clients with the highest possible quality products and professional service.

Welcome to the Floorco Family!

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