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Polished Concrete Services

One of our newest, top recommended services is Polished Concrete. The future of flooring lies in the versatility of looks that can be achieved through different levels of grind, polish, and even color stain. We specialize in serving all industrial, commercial, educational, hospitality and retail industries with our polished concrete services. 

What Is The Process?

Our Polished concrete services use innovative technology to avoid the use of chemicals in processing, and is VOC compliant and dust compliant, making it the safest, most health-conscious choice for your business.
Imagine a slab of wood, that needs to be sanded down to perfection to be made into a table. To achieve smoothness, the grind needs to become finer and finer as you sand the wood. When we think of polished concrete, we can picture a parallel process.
Polished concrete begins by stripping the surface to its core concrete slab level. Floorco, unlike other companies, specializes in removal of flooring and any other adhesives that may affect the concrete over time. Then, an evaluation of the slab must be performed to determine what to expect from the polishing. Since we are bringing the concrete back to the beginning, any cracks or blemishes in the integrity of the structure will show.
Floorco also has expertise in concrete repair, and we can address just about any crack or imperfection prior to polish to ensure a reliable, long-lasting finish.

After the concrete is deemed serviceable, we then have our qualified floor technicians use our state-of-the-art machinery to grind the concrete down to a smooth surface. Each slab of concrete have a different appearance at this point, due to different types of aggregate. Aggregate is the combination of all the small particles that churn together, combining, and pouring into concrete. Once we have ground the aggregate to a smooth finish, it’s time to seal the slab! We can now decide what level of gloss we want to achieve, or if we want to apply a color seal. 

Since we are bringing the floor back to it’s base, we have the most cost-effective maintenance with this type of flooring. One does not need to worry about cracking tile, dust between joints in the floor, fraying carpet, and hardly needs to worry about wear and tear. Polished concrete is designed to be highly trafficked, and keep it’s look for decades with proper care.

Before the processes can begin, we must start by removing the ‘cream’ aka, the cap of the concrete to expose the salt and pepper aggregate, or the rocky sediment layer below the surface that can be thought of as the base of the concrete. In the case that the floor has been carpeted or tiled, we specialize in removal of flooring and adhesives. 

Floorco's Polished Concrete Services 3-Step Process

  1. Grind– Our installers grind down the exposed aggregate with several sizes and strengths of grind, meaning, we start with a coarse grind and continue to grind the surface until we get to a point of desired appearance and smoothness needed for functionality. 
    • Spa Repair- in the case that once the aggregate is exposed, we notice a need for repairs, this is the time when our experts will correct any impurities, cracks, chips, or other unwanted blemishes. 


  1. Hone– A more detailed grinding process where we refine the surface and ensure that any spa repairs are blended into the surface. 
    • Add densifier, harden floor. After the surface is deemed ready, our installers apply a densifier to the surface to harden the floor and prevent any damages.  


  1. Polish & Seal– After we have ground down to the smallest, softest grind, we run several levels of polish to achieve a gloss finish and close the concrete. This leads to the sealant coating, and we finish by burnishing the floor to activate the top sealer. 
Floorco Polished Concrete Services in Phoenix and the surrounding cities.

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