R.P. Edgington Enterprises

Planet Fitness – South Phoenix

Project Date – September 2015
Ceramic and Porcelain tile with graphic, bold patterns and colors are quite favorable and are being used as statement makers to create that ‘wow’ factor in interior design.

Tile is still the first choice for most commercial fitness flooring installations, in particular, shower walls, floors, and entryways for low maintenance and easy clean-up. While a wide range of colors are still often used and will never go out of style, we are seeing more of a request for darker colors. Our client requested durability and low maintenance, and the material used on this project fit right in with all specifications.

Tile and stone are really a designer’s friend. Once you know how to best use them and have great craftspeople to install them, they can transform any space.

Project Specs

//  5,000+ square feet of Porcelain Wall Tile

// 4,000+ square feet of Porcelain Tile


  • Bathroom Walls and Floors
  • Entryway
  • Hallways
  • Showers
  • Offices

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