R.P. Edgington Enterprises

Chapman Dodge & Volkswagen

Project Date – May 2017
When designing any type of flooring for the coming trends, it goes without saying that we know pretty well what colors businesses are going to be drawn to.

Strong, decisive, and influential, the gray tones used for the porcelain tile installation at these auto dealerships are appealing as a neutral color that is anything but neutral. Its depth defines its bold stance, its contemporary attitude, and its decisive industrial edge. For the interior of these buildings, it casts a like attitude. As an accessory piece it takes on new substance; as a background, it demands to be seen.

Project Specs

//  5,000+ square feet of Porcelain Wall Tile

// 40,000+ square feet of Porcelain Tile

//  1,000+ square yards of Carpet Tile

//  3,000+ linear feet of Wall Base

//  3,000+ square yards of  Vinyl


  • Service Floors
  • Service Bays
  • Showrooms
  • Hallways
  • Offices
  • Patios

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