R.P. Edgington Enterprises

Letter of Recommendation

Loscavio Project Management, LLC

Anthony Loscavio
Founder and Former President

Dear Reno,

I want to thank and recognize you for your leadership in turning around a recent flooring project that was in trouble.

I had contracted with one of the largest and supposedly “Premier” flooring contractors in the United States to provide consulting, design, demolition, supply, and installation of a turn-key flooring project. Shortly after starting the project, I found that I made a big mistake in the choice. They were not qualified, the management and field crew sent to the project were not capable and lacked the license or experience to prepare the flooring surface to receive the floor that was selected for the project.

I contacted Seth Simmons of Southwest Design Building who referred RP Edgington Enterprises / Floorco, and within two hours you were engaged. You scheduled the analysis and survey of the concrete surface to be repaired, evaluated the means and methods providing a proposed solution. The very next morning the plan was executed with equipment, materials and manpower mobilized to provide an engineered solution that provided a super flat flooring surface that was able to accept the high-end flooring that could be installed the very next day.

In short you mitigated a potential two-week project delay and reduced it to one calendar day saving the project schedule, while exceeding the project’s quality specification requirements quickly, professionally, and cost effectively.

In this day and time when commitment to project quality, schedule, performance, and meeting project demands are the exceptions rather than the rule it is good to know that Principals like you are still leading companies into the future.

Suffice to say you truly made this project happen. We look forward to working with you in the future for all of our flooring needs, and if I can be of assistance or can answer any questions that potential clients may have regarding your commitment or capability as it may relate to the project we just completed, do not hesitate to have them contact me at 480-809-2186.

Anthony Loscavio

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