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Stained Concrete- Tombstone

The best part about polished concrete is creating a custom, unique finish with a stain or design. This particular project had the goal of matching the floor to the copper piping pictured below. Using a combination of dyes and a hand dying technique, we created this one of a kind finish that not only compliments […]

Polished Concrete- Bashas- Camp Verde

In addition to the Sedona location, we have had the pleasure of performing the same grind, stain, polish, and seal project at Bashas’ in Camp Verde. This particular project not only showcases our joint fill work and spot repair abilities, but ultimately as a finished project is reflecting so strongly, you can read the signs!

Polished Concrete- RWC Central

We had the opportunity to perform a grind, polish, and seal at the RWC Central location. The photos in this portfolio were taken about 4 months after project completion. This showcases how highly trafficked polished concrete can hold it’s shine and luster for an extended period of time under proper care. Up close photos show […]

Epoxy- LaundroLab USA

In this creative project, we put our epoxy skills on showcase creating this brand-specific chip blend that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but very durable. We combined our resilient team to complete each finish, from the navy penny rounds lining the counter to the accent plank on the wall. Floorco specializes in being able to […]

Polished Concrete- Peter Piper

Here is a job that we are currently working on. We love to share progress photos and bring the spirit of evolution to you! When it comes to transforming a space, polished concrete can be one of the most rewarding processes. Not only do you achieve a completely new, modern look; however, you are rewarded […]

Polished Concrete- Bashas

One of our favorite clients, Bashas, recently renovated their grocery store in Sedona. We are in awe at the way this polished concrete truly looks slick. But, don’t let that fool you. These floors are in 100% compliance with health regulations and non-slip standards across the board. Did we mention, the are VOC compliant?

Polished Concrete- Mesa PD

We had the honor of working with the Mesa Police and Fire Departments to revamp their training facilities. Watch as we take these concrete floors from a rough aggregate to a smooth, glistening finish. This particular project required extra Spa Repair, a Floorco specialty, as we are experts in concrete repair and can rejuvenate almost […]

Polished Concrete- Conde’s

Admire our polished concrete and stain work at Conde Fuel Station in the Middle of Nowhere, Arizona. We absolutely love the details in the speckled flooring, and you can’t miss the shine off of the intensely reflective surface.

Polished Concrete- DaVita

DaVita is a Dialysis Center, which represents one of our key client types when it comes to Polished Concrete. Healthcare centers gravitate towrads the ease of maintenance that comes with Polished Concrete, as well as the clean and professional look that is achieved. Watch as we show progress photos of concrete spa repair, and marvel […]

Chapman Dodge & Volkswagen

This is a picture used in our commercial flooring portfolio for tile installation - auto dealership page

When designing any type of flooring for the coming trends, it goes without saying that we know pretty well what colors businesses are going to be drawn to.

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